How to use Android apps on your PC

With virtual machine software, it is possible to run Android mobile applications on your computer. BlueStacks is the most popular software for this type of emulation.

The principle of virtual machine or emulator is not new. In the field of gaming, many players use emulators to play games released on old consoles on their PC. The method also works with Android.

Application Emulator for PC

As for the emulators specialized in the simulation of the Android operating system, we find BlueStacks which is free and perfectly legal. Without going through super complex hacking techniques, BlueStacks allows you to test the applications compatible with Android on your computer. Beyond games that are not available on the PC – such as the popular Clash of Clans – it is possible to access applications that are only available on mobiles, such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, or BlaBlaCar.

How to install BlueStacks?

The procedure for installing the program is quite simple. Simply download it on the official website and follow the instructions.
Once downloaded, it will be required to launch the program from the computer. After you have chosen the language, it will ask you to enter your Google Account. This has the advantage of giving a more formal and legal side to the software.

From the start, it is possible to customize the background screen of the main window same as in smartphone.

How to install BlueStacks?

At first, the homepage is quite boring with only two main applications which are Google Play and App Search that both find and download new apps compatible with Android.

On the left column, there are already several features. You can also “shake” the window, or take pictures and record videos. As for the games, we can go through our files to find APK files to download, copy/paste objects, increase the sound and finally access a help selection.

Clicking on the little squares at the bottom of the page opens the menu where you can see some essential applications (Google Play) or utilities (Internet Explorer).

Downloading apps is the same as on Android smartphones, just search for the name of it in the search bar of Google Play. When it was found, just click “install” and wait for the download to complete. The application will appear on the desktop. Simply click it to launch.

The downloading time can be quite long depending on the size of the app and the configurationof of your PC. You will often have to accept certain terms and conditions related to the use of your Google Account and your Google Account. Moreover, it is possible to link your own Android account to BlueStacks, which will allow a synchronization of the data. This feature can be useful when updating your calendar or moving through a game.

For the gameplay, the mouse and keyboards perfectly fulfill their role to replace the touch functions. The weak point is the fact that it takes a pretty powerful computer, which will support the emulator and the downloads. Besides, the downloads are quite long.

There is a paid version to remove unwanted advertisements that appear during games, a higher speed, and a help desk.

BlueStacks TV

In the new version, a new feature allows synchronizing its Twitch account to broadcast or view live sessions of the game under Android with the whole world. The user can also launch multiple applications or games simultaneously.

bluestacks tv

Overall, using an Android emulator on your PC is a great way to access mobile applications like Snapchat or Tinder…and even more…