Unique new design for the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 getting Many new features

If many innovative features could emerge with the iPhone 8, it would feel strongly in its design, which could result in a different iPhone, aesthetically speaking, of all the other smartphones developed by Apple, right here. Explanations.
A rumor is becoming more and more persistent on the web regarding the next phones of the Cupertino firm. There is the talk of seeing the screen occupy much more space on the front of the phone than what we had already seen for the previous iPhone. In this context, the “home” button as it is known would disappear and fingerprint recognition would be done directly on the screen. This would also modify somewhat the usual design of the iPhone since when you look at Apple’s next phone; the user would see almost a screen.
In addition, a wireless charging stand is expected. Indeed, the blog Mac Otakara believes that, as for other smartphones, recharging its iPhone will be done wirelessly via an accessory independent of the device. This new feature could influence the manufacturer of the phone and would result in different designs for all three models. Indeed, only the OLED model would adopt this new functionality. The device, according to the Digitimes, should be covered with glass and stainless steel while the other iPhone 2017 would benefit from aluminum. It can, therefore, be deduced that the design of the two models “7s” and “7s Plus” would be different from that of 8.
Anyway, the iPhone 8 sends a lot of buzzes. In fact, the anniversary year of the iPhone: 2017represents the tenth year since the presentation by Steve Jobs of the very first Apple phone.