windows 10 creators update new features

 Windows 10 creators update new features

A couple of years ago, when Microsoft announced the death of Windows, many took their hands to the head. How can Windows die? What operating system are we going to use now?

Microsoft was not lying. Windows has died as a traditional software and has become a service. There will no longer be Windows 11, Windows 12, etc., but a Windows service that will be updated constantly. And after a year and a half of Windows 10 life, we begin to glimpse how the updates will be made. It seems that the Redmond Company is planning to do two big updates a year. The last one took place last October, and the next one is released the 11 of April, under the name of Windows 10 Creators Update. A very important update that adds many anticipated improvements like Games Mode, 4K streaming or virtual reality integration. We already have it installed, so let us show you all the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.

The New Game Mode

Windows10_Features_game mode

One of the most unexpected surprises of this update is a new Game Mode that will make adjustments in the system to optimize the operation of video games. Following the disappointment of Xbox 1, Microsoft has bet heavily on the fusion of the Xbox platforms and PC Gaming, as a strategy to reinforce the first and extract benefits from the second. This Game Mode is yet another proof that Windows is serious about video games, after a decade of abandonment.

In principle, Game Mode will not make you perform better or have better graphics, but the framerate is more stable. In many games, it is normal for the framerate to fall into certain scenes with many graphic loads. This new mode deactivates unnecessary system tasks and optimizes the use of CPU cores and RAM to dedicate more resources to games, which will reduce these framerate crashes. This video shows how it works.

Microsoft games released in Windows 10 such as Forza Horizon 3 or Gears of War 4 and all that are offered in the Windows Store will be compatible with Game Mode, but will also work with any other Windows title, including Steam games. Great news for all those who have a gaming computer.

To activate Game Mode you must go to the Settings and enter the new Games section. In the left column touch Game Mode, and here you can activate or deactivate it.

Integrated 4K Streaming

Platforms like Twitch are taking the audience to YouTube. Live video streaming wins fans in front of the pre-recorded video. Microsoft knows and so has integrated the streaming in Windows 10 Creators Update, through its platform Beam. It is available for both Windows 10 and Xbox 1 and can be streamed 4K sessions.

Pressing the Windows + G keys will bring up the game bar. Now you will see the new Relay icon.

Pressing it will open the window that will allow you to live broadcast the game or program you are using.

You can activate or deactivate the camera or the microphone, and place a window with the webcam that shows your face, next to the game that you are using.

Paint 3D and Windows Capture 3D

Windows_Features_3d paint

Creativity is one of the great drivers of Windows 10 Creators Update. And virtual reality. Windows 10 Creators Update includes new tools for creating virtual content. With Windows, Capture 3D it is possible to scan any real-world object using a smartphone. You can then edit and modify it with the Paint 3D app. In this video, you can see how it works.

Not only can 3D objects be extracted from the real world, but it will also be possible to capture them from games like Minecraft, to modify them in Paint 3D. Microsoft has created the Remix3D website, which allows you to download 3D models free.

These models can be downloaded directly into Paint 3D to edit them. You can rotate, zoom, or modify them in 3D with the included tools.

Windows 10 Night Mode

Windows Defender Security CenterThe harmful effects of blue light emitted by the screens and their influence on the melatonin of our body, related to sleep cycles and proper rest, and is drawing the attention of doctors.

Among the new features of Windows 10 Creators Update is the blue light filter in the night hours, so that it does not interfere with our rest. This Night Mode will activate at dusk and will change the colors of the screen if we use it before going to sleep.

In Display Settings, a new section called Night Light letsyou apply a blue light filter. You can customize the start and end time of this filter, its power (the screen will look more or less yellow), and if you want to self-adjust according to your location and the time of year.

Privacy, in your hands


When Windows 10 was released, the biggest criticisms came from its breaches of privacy, through Cortana and other system functions. A few days ago, Microsoft renewed the page where anyone with a Microsoft account can access to manage the settings related to their private data.

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, new options are added to customize the information we want to share. When installing Windows 10 we will be able to choose the data that we want to share with the company. We will have the option to prevent the system from using our location in the applications, or that the ads show personalized results.

Already inside the system, the privacy settings in Windows 10 will pass from three to two: the “Enhanced” option will disappear, and those that will remain will be “Basic” and “Full”.
This is what Windows 10 knows about you if you decide to upgrade.

New Windows Defender Security Center

A new security application is available to make life easier for users. It is the Windows Defender Security Center. It brings together in one place the main security tools: antivirus and antimalware, firewalls, performance checking, application control and browser security, and parental control.

The new parental control, called Family Options, allows new rules, such as defining the number of hours a day you can use the computer or the schedule. However, many of them must be customized from a web page, not made within Windows 10.

Dynamic locking

Windows10_dynamic locking

Through Session Login Options, under Settings, you can activate Dynamic Lock. If you pair a smartphone via Bluetooth, Windows 10 will lock when you walk away and unlock when you get closer (if you carry your phone on top).

It is one of the best new features of Windows 10 Creators Update.

Larger text size (DPI)

2K or 4K monitors are becoming more common, but the letter sizes used by most applications are designed for 720p and 1080p displays. Windows 10 allows you to resize the text, but can only increase by 175%. With the update, Creator’s Update will be added larger text sizes and the option that the application itself manage this topic, to give full support to 4K monitors.

When you enter Screen Settings, there is now a new section called Scale and Distribution, with the Customize scale button. It offers the option to increase the font size by between 100 and 500%.

Greater control over updates and drivers

The theory tells us that system upgrades are beneficial, but in practice, there are times when they produce more bugs than they fix, or make a program or peripheral incompatible. After a year of complaints, Microsoft has given in to pressure and with Windows Creators Update, it will no longer be mandatory to install the updates, at least for a while. Feature updates (upgrades and updates) can now be postponed for up to 365 days. The quality updates (security enhancements) to 30 days.

Something similar happens with peripheral drivers. It is no longer mandatory to install the new versions nor receive constant notifications. A feature that has been well received by users who have compatibility issues with peripherals.

Automatic file deletion

Windows10 includes a Clean Disk tool, although it must be used manually. Creators Update will automatically erase temporary files, as well as all files in the trash that are older than 30 days. These functions can be deactivated if they are not to be used.

Battery bar

A new battery icon on the Taskbar will allow us to control the millimeter of battery consumption if we are using a laptop. By simply sliding a bar, we can tilt the balance towards greater equipment performance, or greater battery conservation. We will also have access to the brightness of the screen.

Purchase and reading eBooks


With the new Windows 10 update will be released an eBook store in the Windows Store, which will be read on Microsoft Edge. A new Library button will appear in Edge next to Favorites or History, to read the e-books purchased.

By integrating into the Edge browser, e-books can take advantage of their functions, such as using Cortana to find the meaning of a word, as well as video or associated multimedia material. And the markers can be used to store the reading position. In addition, they will be incorporated functions to change the fonts, funds, and organization of the library, etc.

It will certainly be an interesting option for casual readers, but it remains to be seen whether it will appeal to compelling readers who like to have separate applications for their books, without mixing them with web pages and other content.

Hibernate tabs on Edge


When you open many web pages at the same time on Microsoft Edge, they remain running in the background, so they may end up consuming the resources of the computer. Edge will incorporate a button that allows minimizing or hibernating the tabs, to not fill the memory. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with individual websites. Works with all that you have open, or with none. In the upper left corner, you will see a new button called Reserve these tabs, which closes and stores them. When you want to retrieve them click on Tabs that you have reserved, and a sliding window shows them. Edge has also improved security. Microsoft claims that Edge blocks 9% more phishing attacks and 13% more malware than Chrome.

Netflix to 4K Ultra HD

Windows 10 is the only operating system that allows you to view Netflix at 4K resolution on a computer. Edge is also the only browser that allows this.

Improvements in Cortana


Microsoft’s virtual assistant has undergone a facelift, with lighter colors in the search box and an increase in text size in notifications. In addition, we can customize the color of Cortana’s messages. Cortana now accepts recurring notifications. For example, you can ask him to remind you to pay the rent one day every month.

Virtual reality integrates with Windows 10

Windows10_Features_virtual realityLogically, Windows 10 is fully compatible with devices like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. But Microsoft itself decided to bet on augmented reality (a mixture of virtual and real elements) with its Microsoft HoloLens glasses.

Now he corrects this decision and will also launch a virtual reality glasses called Microsoft VR. In fact, it is a standard, as several manufacturers will launch glasses that support it, such as Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, Asus and other companies. Microsoft VR will include six internal motion sensors that offer 360-degree freedom of action without the need for external controls.

Windows 10 Creators Update allows viewing in 3D the creations captured with Windows Capture 3D. Also, use Windows Universal apps in virtual reality mode, to use them through the viewer.

Windows 10 Cloud, the answer to Chrome OS

Microsoft has secretly taken the development of Windows 10 Cloud, a cloud operating system that aims to compete with Chrome OS on light notebooks and other mobile devices. Surely, it will not take long to see the new rivals Chromebook Windows 10 Cloud.

The new operating system has been leaked in Windows Blog Italy. The information, which includes screenshots, speaks of a lightweight system running applications in the cloud. Also compatible with Universal Store Windows apps.

Of course, it does not work with conventional Windows programs.

With Windows 10 Cloud Microsoft aims to counter the boom in Chromebooks, which will soon be able to run Android applications.

My People, on the taskbar

Access to our contacts will be easier thanks to a new tool called My People, accessible from the Taskbar. From the drop-down menu of each of your contacts, you can send messages and files just by dragging them to your avatar. This video shows how it works.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that this new feature has not arrived in time. It will be added to the end of the year.

Along with these great changes, Windows 10 Creators Update new features will include hundreds of small improvements and patches for certain bugs.

Enjoy the new windows 10 creators update new features!

Source: Mocrosoft , windowscentral