Top 5 Most Sexiest Smartphones of 2017



To seduce, having good technical characteristics is not enough. If some smartphones are more successful than others are, it is also because they have this little trick in addition to the design that distinguishes them and makes objects of desire. Here is our top 5 sexiest smartphones in 2017

 iPhone Red Edition – Red Passion

How to make a selection of the most desirable sexiest smartphones without quoting the iPhone? Since the release of the first version – already 10 years! – The design of Apple’s star smartphone has always unleashed the passions. Already superb in its classic version, the latest iPhone 7 becomes positively sublime in the red livery of the special edition Red Product.

sexiest smartphones IPhone Red

Samsung Galaxy S8 – The Innovative Style

It is far from time or the flagships of Samsung were taxed outright copy by the brand’s aficionados to the apple! The curved design inaugurated on the Galaxy S6 and now generalized on the latest S8 series, makes Samsung the one that makes the trend. A sexiest smartphone that succeeds the challenge of pleasing both women and men.

sexiest smartphones Samsung galaxy s8

Huawei P10 – Classic Elegance

The Huawei P10 does not seduce by its innovative design or its original shapes, but rather by its classicism and elegance. Its finesse, sensual touch, the finesse of its connectivity and the discreet colors in which it is proposed contribute to its success. Quiet luxurious and the sexiest smartphone.

sexiest smartphones Huawei P10

ZTE Axon 7 – The Seductive Outsider

Too little known, the ZTE Axon 7 is nevertheless a superb smartphone that borrows many codes at the top of the range, except the price. Very nicely crafted, it seduces by a design that compiles the best of the competition. Its rounded shapes and curved back, brilliant edging and screen that occupies a large part of the space is a real success, especially in its gold version.

sexiest smartphones ZTE Axon 7

Honor 8 – The Smartphone Cracking

It is difficult to adorn a protective shell, as its back iridescent glass is superb, especially in blue color. The design is nothing revolutionary but Honor, a division of the giant Huawei, managed to find the right balance between originality and classicism. The downside, the back shell is very sensitive to the fingerprints, which require cleaning it regularly. However, as we already knew, beauty is worth it!

sexiest smartphones Honor 8