Tesla Model 3

This coming dawn Tesla will officially present the final and commercial design of its long-awaited Model 3, a car that many are already referring to as the culmination of Elon Musk’s master plan. We cannot deny that this is an extremely important model, but it is not the end of any plan, but an intermediate step.

Although still a few hours to know all the details about the Model 3, this car has been a few months and a reference for other manufacturers, especially when talking about prices. But of course, $ 35,000 is still not available to all consumers.

The master plan of Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3
The idea of Elon Musk with Tesla is to force a revolution in the world of the engine and get the drivers to bet on electric cars instead of those of combustion. For this, one of the most important points is to make electric cars affordable enough that most of us can afford one.

Their approach to achieve this has been to start with the Roadster, and to go down with increasingly economic models such as the Model S and the SUV Model X. With the benefits of each new model they have been launching, Costs to develop the next.

On this road to increasingly economical cars, Tesla has been gaining value and popularity as a company, expanding its network of chargers and, ultimately, becoming the manufacturer of electric cars reference. Such is its importance that even when the final model of the Model 3 has not yet been presented, the rest of manufacturers have been using its price, starting at $ 35,000 a month, as a reference with which to measure the competitiveness of their future models.

But it is still not enough to consider it a car really affordable for most, so we cannot say that with it will culminate the master plan of Tesla. Yes, the Model 3 is the most important car in Tesla history and is one of the culprits that more and more of the electric cars are talked about, but it will take a much more affordable model to achieve the ultimate goal of Elon Musk.

Musk himself said he sees it unlikely that an even more economical model is needed than the Model 3, but if you really want to transform the sector, you will need it to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Therefore, regardless of what they end up presenting this morning (they have promised surprises), once the final model of the Model 3 will be unveiled, it will be looking to the future in search of the next big announcement of the company. The glances will then fall on the Tesla Model AND a compact SUV from which only know will be announced in the coming months.

Tesla still needs to take more steps

Electric car Tesla Model 3
First image of the Tesla Model Y

What we really need to consider that electric cars are already as affordable as Elon Musk would have it is that they have a much lower price as some of the most popular diesel models on the market. And this of course Model 3 is not going to get it, and maybe the Model Y either.

Some studies say that by 2030, electric cars will be cheaper than combustion, and there are even others that point to this could happen by the middle of the next decade. The reason is that as the demand for electric batteries grows, the price will decrease.

It will be then when Elon Musk is finally in a position to get his plan to make electric cars really affordable. And to be one of the first to get it is already planning the muscle you will need and has announced that it has the idea of building three new gigafactorías in the short term to continue reducing costs.

Elon Musk has planted the seed, and in recent years, there is increasing interest in electric cars. He considers that a car of inferior price to Model 3 may not be necessary, but the common one of the mortals sees it as a necessity to be able to buy one. Will Tesla finish taking another step, as some believe it needs or will end up giving the witness (and sales) to another company?



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