Sony Xperia Touch: a projector to make tactile surfaces touchscreen

Following the announcement of the release of new smartphones – including the excellent Xperia XZ Premium – Sony has officially released the Sony Xperia Touch at the last MWC. This interactive projector, which runs on Android, can turn all surfaces into HD touch screen.

A touchscreen projector that adapts to all surfaces

The Sony Xperia Touch is a box with dimensions 134 x 143 x 69 mm. It has a projector as well as equipped with numerous infrared sensors to locate the user’s finger in space to allow it to interact with the information projected on different surfaces.

This system runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and has a Snapdragon 650 processor and a 3 GB RAM. Placing it on a flat surface, you can access an Android interface that can go up to 80 inches. The brightness is 100 lumens; although it is not as intense as a video projector, we can see clearly enough to be able to navigate without any problems.

Similarly, it is possible to make projections on vertical surfaces, for example, placing the device near a wall. The interaction is done through the built-in camera, by recognizing user movements.

However, clearly, what is the point?

The Sony Xperia Touch can be used to view photos and videos and also the projector’s home screen allows you to view the weather, its calendar, written memos or videos.

You can also do all kinds of research, visit various websites like YouTube and even use instant chat services. With the Google Play Store, you can access the full Android app catalog.

The youngsters will be able to enjoy various games available on this interface that bears the signature of Sony and that offers various options to suit all tastes.

Although its exact release date is not yet known, the Japanese brand announced its projector would be available as early as spring 2017 with the price of around $1587.