These are the most popular programming languages of 2017
Most popular programming languages.

Learning programming can be easy if you use the right tools and have the necessary skills. However, time is not infinite and we must prioritize. In the long run you can handle several of them but first, you have to choose which programming language is most important, the best to start.

There are easier and more difficult, but surely, the first thing you want to know is which is the most valued by companies and users. The corporations look for several in particular, those that practically guarantee the work. However, these do not have to be the most popular.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering comes to the rescue of all budding programmers with a useful tool. They have created an interactive table that establishes a classification with the most searched programming languages in different media, starting with Google. They also value the repositories created in GitHub or the threads of Reddit.

In addition, they divide the results according to the provenance of the searches, whether it is users or companies. You can even edit the filters to create your own. Perhaps the priority is to click on the Jobs tab to find out which ones will make it easier for you to find work as a programmer.

In short, you can see exactly what language everyone wants to learn or about which everyone wants to know. It is not necessarily the easiest, but you know that learning programming is easy if you know how to do it, or at least it is not so extremely complicated.

Not surprisingly, Top 5 is monopolized in almost all categories by Phyton, C, Java, and PHP. Maybe you can end up dominating them – if you do not yet – with some of these tricks.

The rest of the results can be seen from the IEEE website itself, although we next attach an image with the classification of the most important programming languages to find work.

These are the most important programming languages of 2017