Pokémon GO Niantic improve combat system

A Niantic official admitted that the fighting in the Pokémon GO arena’s was not very well created and claimed that the developers were going to work on improving this aspect.

No need to remember how much Pokémon Go has been a phenomenal success around the world. Is this popularity brings with a perfect game? Not far from here. All trainers who have already worked on arena battles know how badly created the mechanisms are, not at all intuitive and long to take charge.

In other words, the fight between Pokémon has absolutely nothing exciting about the application. And Niantic, developer of the game, knows it perfectly. The arena’s [of Pokémon Go] require a lot more work, and we are trying to improve them and bring a big change in the way the system works, said production manager Tatsuo Nomura to Polygon. He adds that overall, I think we need a little more time to think about how we’re going to do it.

An MMO, not an RPG

The head of Niantic indicates that the optimization of the arena is one of the priorities of the year 2017. However, it should be noted that the fighting would certainly never resemble those of the original games of the franchise. This is because Pokémon Go does not intend to be a role-playing game.

We had to define the arena’s in a way that corresponded to a mobile game. For example, there are no non-player characters (NPCs). This is not how the game works. We are an MMO and we want people to play with each other, “says Tatsuo Nomura. Recall that currently, this is not quite the case. Indeed, several trainers may decide to go and conquer an arena together to dethrone a Pokémon that has been left there by another player. However, once the fight is started, we are a little isolated against the adverse creature and the concept of cooperation is not really felt. And since we do not directly confront the other player, the notion of competition is also lessened.

More cooperation

The CEO of Niantic John Hanke said similar things.There is a very limited gameplay in the arena, he said. “We will be revising this aspect of the game so that there will be more teamwork and participants get more benefits and rewards.”

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go users can continue to catch creatures thanks to the arrival of the second generation of small pocket monsters. The legendary creatures, meanwhile, could arrive later this year.