problems of Nier Automata on PC

Non-official fix for problems Nier: Automata on PC

An unofficial update corrects the issues related to the definition and refresh rate of Nier: Automata on PC, while the game was launched just a few days ago.

It would be wrong to underestimate the skills of the community of independent Modders. This is at least demonstrates the efforts of Kaldaien, who has developed a mod eliminating from the outset the suspicious performances of the PC version of Nier: Automata.

FAR allows displaying the game in 1080p correctly in full-screen mode, in addition to increasing the refresh rate, many players have had to deal with serious display problems since its launch.

First, even when configuring the game in 1080p, the game image is always running on a 900p resolution before being adjusted to 1080p in full-screen mode. Some players, however, managed to get real 1080p in window mode, but the situation would vary according to factors still unknown.

Another typical gap in a game where the first development platform is a console: the refresh rate, announced as being capped at 60 fps, struggles to fulfill this promise, despite a hardware configuration superior to that recommended by Square Enix. What’s more, even when the player lowers the display settings, the 60 fps struggles to show up.

However, that was before the deployment of a new unofficial installer, FAR (Fix Automata Resolution), designed by a modder named Kaldaien and downloadable from the Steam discussion forum. The secret of this mod seems to lie in the access to a new parameter, the global illumination, previously unavailable. By lowering its value to 16, its lowest level, Nier: Automata gains up to 60% in performances according to several testimonies. Players on laptops even claimed to have doubled performance.

Other adjustments seem to have been brought by Kaldaien, making sure the game actually shows up in 1080p in full-screen mode with a refresh rate worthy of a PC game.

Thanks to all those who supported Nier: Automata,” said the game’s developer team on Steam last night. “We are pleased that so many people enjoy the game. We want to let you know that we appreciate all your comments and we are investigating the issues that have been reported to us. Look out for future updates. ”

The situation is still ironic, knowing that the first concern of Square Enix and Platinum Games to the idea of carrying this game on PC was the fear of seeing this one being quickly hacked and modified by hackers of all kinds.