Wunderlist, a popular desktop and mobile app for task lists, will be removed by Microsoft to instead use To-Do, the new app with the same feature it just released.

Microsoft bought in 2015 Wunderlist and now it has decided to close it so that we pass to its app. Of all, there is no need to be alarmed: the new To-Do is nothing more than the evolution of Wunderlist because it has worked its own development team.


To-Do is something like Wunderlist 2.0, with all the options of the popular application lists but new features, such as integration with other Microsoft services, such as Exchange or Outlook.

In addition, Microsoft facilitates the transition between apps to its users, offering its users a tool that very simply imports all information from Wunderlist to To-Do.

Of course, not all users will benefit from To-Do. For now, the app is not compatible with Mac, iPad or Android tablets … you have to wait!