The Legend of Zelda BotW disappearance of the hero's iconic green hat

Satoru Takizawa, artistic director of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, was interviewed at GDC 2017 about his creation and the disappearance of the hero’s iconic green hat for the benefit of helmets and other bandanas.

The answer is rather … fun. Indeed, our man says, “Since graphic fidelity has increased, it became increasingly difficult to make this bonnet look cool. Given that the game has become more and more realistic, it is difficult to represent this bonnet in a way that is engaging for the player. Indeed, if you look at Twilight Princess, I really made the hat very long so that it slams in the wind and moves in all directions … but because of this people thought “What is it in that hat? What did he move like that? “. So, in Skyward Sword, I made it shorter to move less. ”

He ends by adding, “With BotW, we’ve reached our limits on how to make it visually cool, hence its disappearance.”

Total disappearance? Not really! If you finish the 120 altars of the game, you can take advantage of this supreme reward and once again put on the emblematic green cap of the best-known elf on the gaming world!