Japan Display

The joint venture of Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi was known as Japan Display has developed an electronic ink screen that is capable of delivering a density of 600 pixels per inch, a major improvement over previous solutions that barely reached 300 pixels per inch.

With the creation of this new electronic ink display Japan Display has confirmed that it would be possible to form new products with superior image quality, and in theory could be similar to that shown by high-end smartphones with high-resolution displays.

They have not yet spoken of specific products but they have referred to the arrival of solutions with Full HD 1080p resolution , that is to say 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, a count far superior to that offered by devices such as the Kindle Paperwhite, which stands at 1,440 X 1,080 pixels on a 6-inch screen, leaving us a density of 300 pixels per inch.

Electronic ink screen

Next, to that 600-pixel-per-inch screen, a 400-pixel-per-inch version will be commercialized, although as we said, there are still no specific dates and therefore we do not know when the first products based on them will begin to arrive.

On the other hand, there is also no information on the possible impact that increase of pixels can have on the consumption of the battery, although we imagine that Japan Display will have taken into account since the battery life is a fundamental piece in the devices based on screens of electronic ink.