How to install Windows 10 Creators Update step by step guide

How to install Windows 10 Creators Update: On April 11 opens the big update Windows 10 Creators update. If you want, you can install the 100% official version. We tell you to step by step how to install the latest update of Window 10.

1: Download the Windows 10 Upgrade Tool

Since Windows 10 ceased to be a program to become a service, Microsoft has established two major updates a year, in the fall and spring. After the Anniversary Update last October, it is the turn to upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update, the last major update released on April 11.

The first few days sure the servers will be saturated, and it is possible that the update notice will arrive late on your computer. Fortunately, you can install the final version of Windows 10 Creators Update right now.

Let us explain how to install Windows 10 Creators Update step by step. A process serves even after April 11, as an alternative to Windows Update to download the update instantly.

Logically we start from any Home or Professional version of Windows 10. It does not work with the Enterprise Edition. We started by downloading the Windows 10 update tool, which you can get on this web by clicking on the Update Now button:
How to install Windows 10 Creators Update right now, step by step


Run the downloaded program, and It will tell you that there is a newer version, the 15063, which corresponds to Windows 10 Creators Update. Click Update Now to start the process. It is important that you backup your important data first, although Windows 10 itself will create restore points and you can go back and uninstall the update if you want.

2: Download Windows 10 Creators Update

The update tool will start downloading Windows 10 Creators Update. You have to be patient because it will take a while to download required files will be around 4 GB, in the meanwhile, you can use the computer.

How to install Windows 10 Creators Update step by step guide

After a while, the download will be ready. You can install Windows 10 Creators Update right now or leave it for another time. You will only have to restart the tool and the update will be downloaded.

Click the Update button and wait for Windows to install the updates. When finished, you will be prompted to restart your computer:

How to install Windows 10 Creators Update step by step guide

3: Set up privacy … and get ready!

The first time you start, and after upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update, you will be asked to configure the new privacy options. Read all of them and activate or deactivate the ones you are interested in.

You can turn off location, voice recognition, problem diagnostics, personalized experiences, and custom announcements, among others. We will talk about these options in future, but in the meantime, you can see what Windows 10 knows about you if you decide to upgrade.

When finished, a welcome screen explains the new features of Windows 10 Creators Update. Completed!

4: Erase the old Windows 10

When you have used the update for a couple of days and you are sure that everything working fine, it is time to delete the old Windows 10, which remains as a backup.

In the Windows explorer, it introduces Disk Cleanup. Turn on the tool and select the hard drive where you have Windows installed 10. Click on the Clean System Files button. Check the boxes of device drivers and previous installs of Windows, which you will see almost 30 GB.

Press OK, and those outdated data will be erased. You will not be able to go back to the previous version of Windows but you will recover 30 GB of space, very important if you use SSD disks, which are usually quite small.

Enjoy Windows 10 Creators Update!