Huawei Mate 10 will be better than the iPhone 8

It is customary that the marketing machinery of smartphone manufacturers start working in advance to prepare the various launches.

Between stealthy leaks, more or less controlled, and different teasers facilitated from the manufacturers, mobile phones are able to accumulate enough expectation so that all interested parties look forward to the day of its presentation to the public.

Of course, the CEOs themselves are part of this machinery and it has been the turn of the Huawei to reveal some information about the future Huawei Mate 10. But he has gone further, he has been encouraged to buy his future device with the iPhone 8 and has stated that it will be superior to this one. Something curious, neither of the two models has been presented yet.

The future Huawei Mate 10, according to Richard Yu

During the interview given to the press, Yu has had time to unveil some features about the future Huawei Mate 10 although it has not been especially accurate. As for its screen, for example, mentioned a percentage of the screen on the front similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, so we could expect it to be a mobile without just frames, in the line of several that we have already seen in this generation.

Yu also talks about the speed of load although the only explicit data that offers is the USB port C of the future Huawei Mate 10, something that also brings nothing really new. It seems that the Huawei terminal will repeat the signed Leica lenses, so expect a high-quality photographic quality as in the previous high-end terminals of the firm.

There has been time to mention the processor and confirm that it will be the Huawei Kirin 970, the evolution of the model that was introduced last year in Mate 9 and later in the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. The device will feature Cortex A73 and Cortex A53 cores and must assume the competition of Huawei to Qualcomm and MediaTek in its most powerful lines.

We already have the first ‘iPhone 8 killer’

iPhone 8 Render
A render of the supposed Apple iPhone 8

By the way, Richard Yu has also boasted of the future power of a Huawei Mate 10 that we do not yet know and which, we suppose, he has proven. Knowing who it is and what position it occupies in the company, it is not surprising that he has dared to say that it will be a more powerful mobile than the iPhone 8. Although of course, it is bold to say this on a phone that is not known at all.

For iPhone 8 so far there have only been rumors. Nor have we even had a reliable benchmark of the Apple A11 to put our mouths to be able to measure what the terminal will be able to the Cupertino. In the game of marketing people, comparing yourself with other market terminals is commonplace. Doing it against a device that has not yet been presented or tested is, as a little, cheeky.

So, with the Huawei Mate 10 still not presented and only with leaks to put on the plate, we already have the first ‘iPhone 8 killer’ of the new generation of Apple. The iPhone 8 will have the first official competition as soon as it hits the street. Of course, we will see which of the two arrives at the stores first, lest they change the tables. What’s more, the iPhone will still be the phone to beat by advertising. Huawei has already started to battle.


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