Google app

Google is par excellence, the search engine that everyone, or almost all, goes whenever we search the internet. There are people who, in fact, think that if something is not on Google, it is because it does not exist. In addition, as you know, Android is totally dependent on Google and its services, at least in much of today’s smartphones.

In addition, due to this huge extension, Google decided to launch a few years ago a virtual assistant that we already know enough: Google Now. This, despite not talking to us like the recent Google Assistant, recommended us moderately personalized content, in addition to giving us indications about the weather, for example.

However, over time, this learning of Google Now has gone more, reaching the point of recommending content and give us directions to get home, for example, just at the right time, and this is thanks to Google is ever know More about you.

The Google application is becoming more useful, thanks to knowing too much about you

The great growth of the Google application is due, as you can imagine, mainly, to your searches. And, if you’re logged in when you search on Google, the search engine intelligence knows everything you’ve been looking for. This helps to create a profile about you so that you can offer better-personalized content.

Testing is easy, just by looking for results from a football or basketball game from a particular league or team; you will see how these results appear automatically in your Google Now feed.


This has both positive and negative implications. And, the price of personalized recommendations, is your privacy. Today is only to offer you better publicity, but what will they use tomorrow the information they have of you?

After all, Google wants you to make them part of your life, looking for jobs with their services; you also want to put one of your speakers in the house that can hear everything you say and communicate through their platforms. Yes, it sounds conspiracies,  but would it be so weird? Your information is very valuable, take care of it.