Yes, the LG V30 is the high-end smartphone whose launch we have closer, and is that, as we told you recently, will be presented one day before the start of the IFA Berlin this year. LG knows how to win the leading role, and, undoubtedly, the occasion deserves it.

We have been leaking a few weeks about its design, which is going to be as incredible as the LG G6. However, we have not heard much about their specifications apart from rumors, of course. Now, the terminal has gone through Geekbench, and finally, we can get something clear of the entrails of the new beast of LG, we tell you everything!

LG V30, a G6 LG Gifted

The LG has been a success for the company, which has left behind the ghosts of the G5 and the G4 and has managed to overcome again. No one ever looks at the LG G2 with such nostalgia, and the latest flagship of the company has been everything the users asked for, everything except the processor, since the terminal came with the Snapdragon 821, instead of the Snapdragon 835.

But now, LG will remedy it, and the LG V30 will come out with the Snapdragon 835, we know that you do not need to count much of this processor, it is the best that can mount a terminal right now. In addition, it will also come with 4 GB of RAM, more than decent, and ensures a few years of excellent performance.

Geekbench LG V30

These have been the results that Geekbench sheds. Regarding the information we do not know, rumors suggest that the terminal could come with a screen of 5.7 inches at 2K resolution, with the same technology that we saw in the G6 and that would play videos in HDR and Dolby Vision.

Regarding the photographic section, we already told you that the LG V30 would also mount a double camera, but in a different arrangement than the LG G6, as it would move the flash to the far right. It is expected that this dual camera has the panoramic function that already has the G6, but that obviously improves with respect to that device.