Elon Musk already has green light for his first Hyperloop line
Elon Musk already has green light for his first Hyperloop line: from New York to DC in 29 minutes

Elon Musk already has permission to build a Hyperloop that crosses several states of the United States. The entrepreneur has announced on Twitter that he has just received verbal permission for his tunneling company, The Boring Company, create an underground Hyperloop with stops in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.

At the moment it has not given many details, only that the stops will connect the centers of the cities, and that the complete duration of a trip between New York and Washington DC will be of only 29 minutes. To give you an idea, the train trip between both cities usually lasts between three and four hours depending on the line.

In addition to the stops in the center of the cities, the Muscle Hyperloop lines will also have a dozen entrances and exits in each city by means of elevators. It is necessary to clarify that for now; Musk has said that the agreement is only verbal, although in the absence of the pertinent official permissions already it will be able to be prepared for the company

Hyperloop begins to take shape

Elon Musk is a person who is characterized by creating all kinds of companies with projects that at first seem futuristic, but that little by little they become reality. In 2013, he spoke for the first time of Hyperloop, a new transport system with which to carry out ultra-fast journeys, and what appeared four years ago science fiction today begins to take force.

The project began its first steps a year ago with its first tests in the Nevada desert. Last June took another important step overcoming its first test scale. Of course, the speed of that first test was very limited, since the vehicle was only 112 km / h versus the 1,200 km / h that is supposed to be achieved in its final stage.

In parallel, Elon Musk has also been developing ‘The Boring Company’, a company with which he aspires to excavate the cities to create an underground transport route with which to avoid surface jams. In addition, last month Elon Musk surprised us by announcing that they were starting to dig for the first time in Los Angeles, outside the limits of SpaceX, and after the announcement today, it seems that the excavations will multiply.

Elon Musk and SpaceX have conceived Hyperloop technology under the concept of free hardware, and other companies and countries are encouraged to take their ideas and create parallel developments to expedite the implementation of this means of transport.

Obviously, for all this to be a reality are still a few years ahead, and even this first route that has announced Musk will take a long time to excavate and take place. However, that does not mean that it is an exciting project that we are sure to continue to have more progress in the coming months.