How to disable app update notifications on Android

Usually, many users are interested in installing a new operating system update on their smartphone. However, it is not always so. If there is an update available for your mobile, you do not want to install it, and you are annoyed by the permanent notification, this is how you can remove the notification.

How to disable Update Notification

We are not talking about a simple update notification available, which we find many when it comes to application notifications. We talk more about when we have a notification of a firmware update available for our mobile. If this is the case, we may want to install it, but it may not. For example, if we know that the OTA update cannot be applied because we previously installed a firmware version that was not the one corresponding to our mobile, or even if the mobile already works well and we do not want an update to make this worse, we do not want to update. However, the notification will continue to appear. How can we change this? Well, in a very simple way.

Actually, what we are going to do is end the application that handles the updates. For this, we will have to go to Settings> Applications, and here scroll through the tabs until you find “All”, where we will see all the applications of our smartphone. Here you will have to locate the Updates. It will usually be called “Software Updates,” “Firmware Updates,” or “[Manufacturer’s Name] Updates.”

Once we have located it, click on it, so that we can access the settings on this application. And now we just have to disable the app. For this, we look for the button that says, “Disable”, which will be one of the first that appears.

From now on, the Updates function will no longer work, so it will not find any new version of the operating system available, and therefore, the notification that tells us the availability of the same will not appear.