blockstack web browser

The niche market that refers to web browsers is acquiring an importance unthinkable just a few years ago. This is because the Network is already a fundamental part of our day to day since many users are connected a good part of the time to carry out all kinds of tasks.

With regard to this type of software, in particular, we can find several alternatives currently led by Google Chrome, although we can also decant by Firefox, Opera, Edge or Safari, among others. However perhaps these are the most well-known alternatives, but in the same way, there are other browsers a little more special that we can also use and sometimes they are an excellent proposal.

Well, in this case, we are going to talk about a somewhat peculiar alternative, it is Blockstack, a browser of an open source whose main objective is to decentralize the Internet so we can make use of a new free network dependence that today has big organizations, such as Google, for example. In fact, the creators of this software have called it the “Netscape of the decentralized Internet when it comes to navigating and creating new applications “. It is worth mentioning that a developer version is now available, while the final version for all users will arrive in six months.

Blockstack is a web browser that wants to change the current Internet

And for many, the decentralized nature of the Internet has been largely eliminated by large companies that are now threatening to end the neutrality of the Red, which has inspired many other firms to launch their own projects.

Open source to work on creating a more open and neutral Internet in the near future, as is the case at hand. Therefore, Blockchain, which is funded by Bitcoin, is one of those technologies that encourages the decentralization of the Internet, so it is presented as a web browser that works without the existing network infrastructure today.

blockstack web browser

The project has recently been presented in New York City and to date has raised more than $ 5 million so that developers have the opportunity to create their own applications that are part of it.

Block stacks co-founder, Ryan Shea, has made it known as the beginning of a decentralized Internet with the support of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Z cash.

To say that in fact with Blockstack we speak of a complement of the browsers Chrome, Firefox or Safari on which the software developers can create applications for the same one downloading the application Blockstack for Linux and Mac; To say that the Windows version will be available shortly.