The Best Laptops for this 2017


We present the best laptops for this 2017; we review the best options for each segment, Ultrabook’s, Chromebooks, Gaming, etc. Moreover, we consider only those with the best technological advances, from new processors, graphics cards and even new materials.

Choosing the best laptop computer can be quite a difficult task these days. With companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, and Asus continually launching updates on their most popular laptops and product line expansions, we all find ourselves swimming in a sea of choices.

Taking into account a large number of options there are, within the best laptops, we are working hard evaluating a greater number of laptops.

The best laptop in the Ultrabook category: Dell XPS 13

The best laptops for this 2017-Dell-XPS-13
Dell XPS 13

The Kaby Lake XPS 13 shares the same design as its predecessors: an excellent quality aluminum exterior and a carbon fiber top, and that wonderfully compact 13-inch screen with no bezel, which makes it one of the first choices within its category when it comes to the best laptops for 2017.

Dell released two upgrades to the XPS 13 in 2016, which was exchanged at the beginning of the year for a Skylake CPU, and added a USB Type-C port that served as an alternative load port and offered more up-to-date storage options. The latest update – and our new selection of the best Ultrabook – maintains the same chassis changes as the Skylake XPS 13, but offers a jump to Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor and a slightly larger battery. Thanks to these changes, improved performance is achieved, with a pleasant increase of an additional half hour of battery life during video playback.

Our only complaint is the small keyboard, but in general, you cannot go wrong with the new XPS 13. A compact Ultrabook stands out in its class.

Finalist in this category: HP Specter 13.3

The best laptops for this 2017-hp-spectre-13
HP Specter 13.3

If you are more interested in design and appearance, the HP Specter 13.3 certainly has a different profile, for one thing, is one of the best laptops: It is one of the thinnest Ultrabooks on the market. For anyone who wants the aerodynamic experience of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, this 13-inch notebook will bring you close enough and provide superior performance.

One would expect that a thin notebook computer would have a low-voltage Core i3 or i5 processor, but HP will integrate a 15-watt Core i5 or i7 processor. That puts it on a par with other high-end Ultrabook’s, such as the XPS 13. Combined with its 256GB SSD, it runs smoothly and quickly during typical office work (word processing, spreadsheet editing, web browsing, etc.). Without any strangulation of performance during intensive CPU tasks. HP also optimized the connection ports, while there are only a few, you do not get one, but two Thunderbolt 3 ports, as well as a USB-C port.

The drawbacks of this stylish modern laptop is the battery life, which is quite modest due to its smaller size, and its wider frame. (The hardware and cooling configuration of the Spectre 13.3 requires a certain amount of space.) HP engineering is impressive, but it cannot challenge the laws of physics.) It is for these reasons that we prefer the Dell XPS 13, but this laptop follows being an excellent alternative.

Best Convertible Laptop: HP Specter x360

The best laptops for this 2017-hp-spectre-13-principal
HP Specter x360

We liked the first Specter x360 when it was launched again in 2015, but it had some flaws. The updated version, which ran smoothly on the list of the best laptops, launched in October 2016, eliminated its predecessor, as it is smaller, slimmer and noticeably lighter while providing excellent performance and durability. The battery. Now a 2017 edition adds active pen support and the option of a 4K display for the already excellent device of 2016.

Within our review model was a Core i7 Kaby Lake processor that kept pace with a quad-core Skylake CPU during tasks such as word processing and spreadsheet editing and handled games like Minecraft and League of Legends with low settings Resolution and low quality. If you choose an FHD display (1920 × 1080), the battery will last almost 11 hours during continuous video playback, and a little over seven if you go on the beautiful 4K screen (3840 × 2160). Active penholder complements the experience: it is easy to make clear notes and draw clean diagrams with the included pen accessory.

This laptop is so good; it gives our choice of the best Ultrabook a good fight. If it were not for the trackpad, the low number of ports (just three in total, and you lose one for the load), could have won.

Best Cheap Convertible Laptop: Asus ZenBook Flip

The best laptops for this 2017- Asus ZenBook Flip
Asus ZenBook Flip

The Asus ZenBook Flip may not be as stylish and powerful as its main competition, but costs much less and can do the vast majority of work, for this reason, and many others enter the list of the best laptops for this 2017.

For years, Asus has offered great value in its laptops, and the ZenBook Flip is a clear example of its affordable and high-performance offers. For about $ 700 dollars, you get a fully convertible Notebook that can handle everyday tasks with great ease and efficiency.

Inside it has an Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, and an IPS 1920 × 1080 display with an anti-glare finish.

However, despite the modest CPU, the Asus ZenBook Flip is quite fast. In our benchmarks, it outperformed the faster (and newer) Core m5 and m7 processors on rival machines during short CPU-intensive tasks.

This notebook is thin, light measures 0.54 inches thick, and weighs 1.26 kg, which keeps it in line with the most expensive ultraportables. You are not giving up on smaller dimensions or compromising weight in exchange for a lower price.

While there are some details like the lack of backlighting on the keyboard and the trackpad is a bit flexible. Still, it is good business in a price range that is usually dominated by thick, ugly and plastic equipment.

Best Hybrid Laptop: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The best laptops for this 2017-Microsoft-1-1
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The combination of an Intel Skylake chip, a new keyboard, and a faster SSD drive help the Surface Pro 4 stay at a higher level of performance and seamlessly enter our list of the best laptops for 2017.

That a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop wins in this category should not come as a surprise to anyone. After all, Microsoft laid the groundwork for the concept of hybrid tablet/portable devices (also known as 2-in-1 laptops), the Surface series is really an evolutionary step beyond the typical “convertible” devices that physically separate Of the keyboard to function independently as tablets.

What may be surprising is that our best selection is still Surface Pro 4, even given the launch of the Surface Pro. However, given the Surface Pro performance bottleneck and higher price, we believe Surface Pro 4 offers the best combination of value and while still available.

Of course, Surface Pro 4 clones have emerged that are also lightweight and very capable, such as the Lenovo Miix 700 and HP Specter x2. However, we like this hybrid tablet better than its cheaper rivals for its high-quality screen, great performance and the fact that its keyboard and trackpad are light years away from competing designs.

The only caveat: It is expensive – and the essential keyboard adds another $ 130 to the price. That means the mid-range Surface Pro 4 with 256 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM and a Core i5 is a computer about $ 1,430. Let us hope prices come down now that the new Surface Pro has hit the market.

In any case, if you value portability – it really is the performance of a laptop on a tablet – and if you use it as a tablet, you will have a hard time defeating Surface Pro 4 at this time.

Finalist in this category: Samsung Galaxy Book

The best laptops for this 2017-samsung-galaxy-book-12
Samsung Galaxy Book

Tracking Samsung to your first 2-in-1 does not take any extreme changes off the established route. It is still incredibly slim and lightweight and offers an even more impressive AMOLED display that also supports HDR technology, more than enough requirements to belong to the best laptops for this 2017.

However, it is not yet our favorite convertible, and that’s due in large part to Samsung’s decision to sell a small version and a large version of the Galaxy Book. The model with the most inexpensive and low power Intel Core m3 processor has a smaller 10.6-inch screen. If you want a 12-inch screen, you will have to jump at an initial price of $ 1,130.

Despite these two options, the Galaxy Book remains very attractive. It offers solid performance (including more than 10 hours of video playback on the 12-inch Core i5 model) and tackles some of our complaints with the Galaxy TabPro S. It now has two USB-C ports and the keyboard is securely attached to the Tablet. And of course, it has a magnificent screen.

Therefore, while you may no longer have a big advantage in price, Samsung still manages to keep your account with some attractive features.

Best gaming laptop: MSI GT73VR Titan

The best laptops for this 2017-MSI-GT73VR
MSI GT73VR Titan

The arrival of Nvidia’s Pascal-based mobile graphics cards has transformed high-end notebooks for games, for the first time they are a real competition for a desktop computer. The case in question is the GT73VR Titan from MSI, one of the best gaming notebooks for this 2017, which integrates a GTX 1080 mobile GPU with a G-Sync panel of 17.3 inches, 1920 × 1080, 120Hz. It provides high-speed play and frame rate at an unprecedented level: we saw frame rates of more than 150fps at full capacity on our Tomb Raider and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor benchmarks.

There are other options of GTX 1080 (and some of them cheaper than our revision unit GT73VR of US $ 3,599), but none comes so loaded with cutting-edge technology and also runs so quietly. The similarly configured Origin EON17-X, for example, exploded like a jet engine but provides only a very small gain in performance.

This Titan has a couple of potential drawbacks – the trackpad buttons, for example, are incredibly rigid and require a lot of clicking power – but overall, the GT73VR is an amazing gaming laptop that has what it takes to master your class.

Best gaming notebook: Dell Inspiron 15 7000

The best laptops for this 2017-Dell-Inspiron-15-7000
Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Not so long ago, playing a game with higher resolutions and a larger configuration of graphics on a laptop meant having to spend a significant amount of money.

Thank God, this has changed over the past year. For less than $ 1,000, you can get a gaming laptop that will play at a resolution of 1080p, such as the Dell gaming version of the Inspiron 15 7000, which offers a quad-core i5-7300HQ, 8GB RAM and a card NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card for $ 850.

It is a lot of power for the price. This system can handle today’s high games in 1080p (in Rise of the Tomb Raider, this Inspiron worked over 50fps), and can definitely play popular games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Rocket League, CSGO, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch.

A disadvantage of the release version of the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming is that it has a terrible TN panel with extremely poor viewing angles and washed colors. To avoid this, you should choose to upgrade to the IPS screen for an additional $ 50, but that option is available only from the 256GB SSD configuration of $ 950. In the end, you will end up spending about $ 1,000 when everything is said and done.

If you plan to play using an external monitor or conform to a less than a regular screen, it is a very good machine for the price.

Best portable gamepad: Alienware 13

The best laptops for this 2017-Dell-Alienware-13
Alienware 13

NVidia’s Pascal graphics cards have not only put traditional gaming laptops on par with desktop machines. They have also made the term “portable computer for games” no longer an oxymoron. Put a GTX 1060 on a laptop and you have a machine capable of surviving away from a wall outlet and do not break your back at the same time while trying to carry it.

Now, at 2.5kg, the Alienware 13 is a little heavy for its size, but it is worth those extra ounces. The model we reviewed included a magnificent OLED display 2560 × 1440, a quad-core i7 processor and a NVidia GTX 1060 compatible VR for a perfect game of 1080p.

Its extra weight comes from its incredibly sturdy and solid chassis, built to withstand warm climates and players who physically react to the highs and lows of gameplay. If you are of a more uniform temperament, and really want something less weight, you can opt for our finalist, the MSI GS63VR, which is a lighter pound. The MSI model cannot compete with the luxury of the screen of this Alienware: the games in it make the best LCD panels appear pixelated and washed.

While in terms of performance, the difference is almost insignificant: only one or two fewer frames per second on our Tomb Raider and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor benchmarks. If you can spend a little more for this Alienware 13, do it. From its sleek design to its performance, battery life and OLED display, it is exceptional in every metric we normally examine.

Finalist in this category: MSI GS63VR Stealth

The best laptops for this 2017-MSI-GS63VR
MSI GS63VR Stealth

NVidia’s impressive leap in performance between next-generation Maxwell GPUs and this year’s Pascal GPUs has really changed the space of gaming notebooks. The MSI Stealth GS63VR is the most daring example of this: this gaming notebook carries a 15.6-inch screen, a quad-core i7-6700HQ processor and a GTX 1060, weighing just four pounds.

You do some trade-offs to get the weight off, of course. DIY improvements are difficult on the GS63VR, and the build quality is less resilient than that of the Alienware 10 Series laptops. Adding to the list of possible negatives are the screen of the GS63VR, which has muted colors and does not get very bright, as well as the weak audio subsystem.

Despite its drawbacks, the MSI GS63VR Stealth remains a 15.6-inch and 1.8kg laptop, and it can play the newest games at 1920 × 1080 with settings at or near Ultra. It will finally allow you to have portability and performance at the same time.

The Best Luxury Laptop: Microsoft Surface Book i7

The best laptops for this 2017-surface-book-i7
Microsoft Surface Book i7

There is no way to describe the Microsoft Surface as nothing more than a luxury item and one of the best laptops for 2017. The configuration you want – the one with the GPU under the keyboard – is not available until more than the US $ 1,650. But what you get is something really glorious.

Let us start with the beautiful high-resolution 13.5-inch display, a discreet GeForce option, an Intel Skylake dual-core processor and a battery with outstanding performance. It also gives you the option of removing the screen to be used as a tablet, and the included digital pen is just an important bonus.

Overall performance is close to the top of the heap, particularly in the Core i7 model we reviewed. In graphics loads, including video accelerated encoding cannot be achieved by anything in its class.

Those who can afford it will definitely get what they want: a beautiful laptop that will probably start conversations in the first-class cabin while you fly from Dubai to London.

The best high-end Chromebook: HP Chromebook 13

The best laptops for this 2017-hp-chromebook-13
HP Chromebook 13

Nothing against our old favorite, the Dell Chromebook 13 (which is still a really nice Chromebook), but the HP Chromebook 13 literally surpasses it with a handsome looking laptop that no one will mind showing it off, and with the power To spare to demand tasks in the work or study, that’s why it is part of our list of the best laptops for 2017.

It is also the first serious competition for the Chromebook Pixel Google, the flagship (specifically, the second generation, 2015 model). Our review unit, the third highest of four SKUs, priced at $ 819, was on par with the Chromebook Pixel of $ 999 in our tests, plus it has a higher resolution screen.

The only thing about the Chromebook 13 that may be less exceptional is the battery life, which fell well below the HP specifications in our tests, although still quite good.

The best low-end Chromebook: Asus Chromebook C202S

The best laptops for this 2017-Asus-Chromebook-C202SA
Asus Chromebook C202S

We have low-end Chromebooks to bring web productivity to people with a limited budget and of course, cost-conscious schools. Our selection for the best low-end model is the Asus C202S. Built to withstand sharing among students, and transported inside backpacks, it is more than ready to handle incidental wear and tear casually in your home environment.

Most Chromebooks in the $ 200 price range do not really live up to many challenges, but you would actually have to work a little to push the C202S to the limit. The durable design also makes it more enjoyable to use than most low-end models. What I like the most: it has a surprisingly nice keyboard (while many of low-cost are horrible) and is even waterproof and repairable.