ZenFone AR

The technology company Asus has announced the launch of ZenFone AR, a ‘smartphone’ that includes advanced technologies related to virtual reality and augmented reality, among which are Tango and Daydream, two services for this terminal will be the pioneer in the market, Highlighted the company through a statement.

Tango includes a set of sensors and computer vision software that give ZenFone AR the ability to recognize spaces and movements in a similar way to humans. The technologies of this service include three fundamental capabilities: subjects tracking, depth perception and navigation indoors.

The augmented reality is a rapidly expanding sector, which is causing a stir among consumers. Asus and Google have collaborated with brands like Gap to offer exclusive experiences with this technology. It also represents a good opportunity for developers to devise new experiences in the form of applications or utilities. To date, there are already a number of Tango-compatible RA applications on Google Play.

For its part, Daydream is Google’s virtual reality technology for mobile devices compatible with Daydream VR apps. By combining the ZenFone AR with the Daydream View controller from Google, you can enjoy from the ‘smartphone’ of movies and video games that put the user in the center of the action. Developed with Google support, the ZenFone AR provides the most advanced VR and AR experiences available for ‘smartphone’, according to Asus.

With the ZenFone AR and Daydream View, you can explore new and fictional worlds with apps like Street View and Fantastic Beasts; enjoy a cinematic RV experience with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and HBO, and games like Gunjack 2, LEGO BrickHeadz and Need for Speed, among others.

ZenFone AR1

Asus Tricam system

The company has emphasized that this terminal “is the thinnest and lightest compatible with Tango “. It has the Asus TriCam camera system, which includes a camera with 23-megapixel resolution, another that follows the movement of the subjects and a third that detects the depth of the spaces. Unlike other systems, TriCam integrates the three cameras together, a configuration that helps contain the dimensions and weight of the device.

Combined, these three cameras allow creating a three-dimensional model of the environment. The camera with motion tracking allows the ZenFone AR to know the position of the user while moving, the camera with depth detection is equipped with an infrared projector to calculate the distance to which the objects are, and the camera with 23 MP resolution allows placing virtual objects in a real space with a great level of detail.

The ZenFone AR is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 14 nm, a processor optimized to offer the experiences of RA and VR with Tango and Daydream. It incorporates 6 GB of RAM and the Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU, a combination of hardware that gives the ZenFone AR graphics performance “able to satisfy with guarantees” the requirements of platforms. Its equipment is completed with a Super AMOLED WQHD screen; an operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat and 128 GB of high-speed UFS 2.0 storage for storing games, video applications or photos.
The ZenFone AR incorporates a camera that captures photos under any lighting stage. The PixelMaster 3.0 camera features the Sony IMX318 sensor, which according to Asus is “the highest resolution there is”, as well as the Asus TriTech autofocus system.

ZenFone AR2

Immersive Sound and Minimalist Design

Thanks to technology SonicMaster 3.0, the ZenFone AR “sounds better, higher and produce effects that increase the sense of immersion in RA and RV applications,” said Asus. This device has a speaker five magnets and an amplifier NXP Smart AMP plus enhanced technology Hi-Res Audio, which provides a resolution four times that of the CD (24 bits/ 192 kHz). In addition, with DTS Headphone: X the user can enjoy movies with surround sound through 7.1 virtual channels.

Apart from technologies, the ZenFone AR presents a minimalist bill design adorned with handmade brush strokes. Its back face, covered with polished leather, is complemented by the metallic frame, gives it a better grip and is also very pleasing to the touch. The stainless steel details give it a luxurious look and keep the lens safe from scratches.