Apple creates a rapid emergency call system through fingerprints

Apple has patented a system to quickly call emergency numbers from a smartphone through fingerprints. The objective of this new technological resource is to be able to contact the emergency services by telephone in a secret manner and without alarm to potential aggressors.

The patent of the Californian company, which has access to the Alpha portal, details that users can choose the specific configuration under which to activate emergency calls, either through the fingerprints of a specific finger, a pattern In particular or even by applying a certain level of force on the finger sensor.

This new function will not only activate emergency calls but will put the ‘smartphone’ in a ‘panic mode’ that will inform the emergency services of the user’s location through the GPS and will even allow launching a ‘streaming’ Live by video or audio. These additional functions can also be activated by performing a preconfigured pattern, just as it will be possible to eliminate all sensitive data stored in the device when a situation of risk of theft is detected.

The Apple patent is intended as a complement to other emergency telephone emergency hotlines, such as the button that appears on the screen blocking many smartphones. The aforementioned medium advances that although this patent foresees to be implanted in future models of iPhone, it is not ruled out that it can appear in current mobiles through a software update.