Protect Smartphone
Here it is, all beautiful, brand new, just out of its box; your latest smartphone is a spark! However, what if it falls on the floor or in a pool, and sometimes even forget it or lost it! The risks are high for this mobile digital device constantly confronted with the dangers of everyday life. Be proactive: several solutions exist to effectively protect your smartphone!

1. Protect your smartphone from breakage

The great classic to protect your smartphone from unplanned falls is the protective case for the mobile phone. This shell, usually made of silicone, effectively protects the back of the smartphone, and its raised edges ensure the integrity of the lateral parts. But the screen still remains exposed.

If you want to avoid sticking your smartphone in a case, opt for the solution of the toughened transparent glass film. Discreet, very thin, and totally invisible, the toughened glass film represents an anti-shock and anti-scratch protection that is placed directly on the screen of the phone. Touch functions are always available. Be sure to choose the right film for your phone so that it has the right template!

2. Preserve your smartphone from water

Summer, friends, party, pool and your smartphone fall into the water! Fortunately, you protected it with a waterproof integral shell. If it is not practical to make calls, the waterproof shell is perfect to prevent water from entering the device. And if you want to use your smartphone in an aquatic environment, small waterproof bags with shoulder strap were created for that! Through this bag, tactile functions are still available. Essential.

3. Protect your smartphone against the risk of theft

There is no strict protection against theft of your smartphone, but there are ways of locating it. Notably by allowing the location of your smartphone in the settings before, and connecting to your account Apple or Android when the phone has disappeared. A feature even allows you to delete all content remotely to protect your privacy.

Another solution, the Tile Slim. This small key ring snaps on all of your mobile devices (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) and transmits their location via Bluetooth. A connection that is so limited in scope.